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Resume Writing Tips

How to make a good resume.

Resume building is the foremost step in the process for applying for a job. As rightly said, first impression is the last impression; it is all about creating best impression at the first instant. This is so because many times before anything else, the employers prefer to glance at the resume of the applicant before interviewing. So if the resume doesn't attract, then one may miss the chance to even convince about the suitability of his candidature. Obviously not wanting to leave any chance for mistake, one has to get just the right way to represent oneself.

Making a good resume is the art of convincing. Convincing not only that of being eligible but also of being the best asset for the company among others, where there are numerous applications besides. Before going further let us realize what do employers really have in mind while hiring. Simply put- Business. The employer rather reads "between the lines" to derive out real essence out of what you have presented about yourself in the resume. The question is all about who can give the best business.

So,you need to put aptly in a way that it brings out a most favourable impression in between the lines. Resume is rather decoded from an employer's perspective and its essence extracted in a nutshell to give you correct rating in employer's mind for taking next decision about hiring the candidate. These things are looked in a broad perspective and on the long run where how much good a candidate is for the company.

Some of the objectives for resume making are :

  • Defining objective clearly -This depicts much about how clear a person is about oneself.This also shows how well a person can be for the company
  • Highlighting the relevant skills -This shows a candidates suitability for the job.
  • Specifying more skills which give an edge with respect to others-They make a person stand out with respect to the other applicants.
  • Extracurricular activities -They too show about a person's attitude and how much enthusiasm he can put into the work culture. Many a times these work as additional skills.

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