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What do you we mean by the recruiter ?

It is an individual who works to fill job openings in their company. Recruiters hire the best talent and their task involves working through resumes and actively soliciting individuals qualified for the position which is tough. The recruiter's job includes reviewing candidate's job experiences, negotiating salaries, and placing candidates in agreeable employment positions.

Top Recruiters

Company Name: Global Recruitment and Resources Ltd
Contact Name: Lillian

Company Name: Cuttingedge Translation Services Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Name: Sonam

Company Name: Sanah Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd
Contact Name: Sanah

Company Name: Tcs
Contact Name: Head.talentacquisition

Company Name: Jovas Recriutment Co.
Contact Name: Swetha

Company Name: Essar Group
Contact Name: Corporatecommunications

Company Name:
Contact Name: Shaukat

Contact Name: Rajib

Company Name: Atharvinfotech
Contact Name: Smita

Company Name: Origo commodities India Private Ltd
Contact Name: Ruman Kumar Chaudhary

Why jobseekers need recruiters ?

Recruiters show the path of career for job seekers. They act like a gatekeeper who connects jobseekers looking for roles with their company and vacancies that are to be filled. Being a professional they are specialists in finding candidates for role whenever vacancies arise, when they find a jobseeker who is a good match for a job, he/she is referred to the company hiring department and the interview process begins. If you are searching for jobs ? Please register

Why placement agencies need recruiters ?

As a placement agency you will be working with large amounts of data on a daily basis, including databases of all of those candidates and contact information. After hectic work, you need a recruiter to place your candidate who looking for roles in their companies. Recruiters act as a bridge, who actively engage, assessing, and initial the hiring process for the company. If you are a placement agency ? Please register

Why institutions need recruiters?

With hundreds of graduates and post graduates waiting for placement ever year, any big institution will be facing the tough task for placing their students either as a jobseeker or interns. But recruiters can make their task much easier. A good recruiter analyses every job at a strategic level, they assess the students through various tests and identify for the skills, which are required by the company. If you are an institution? Please register

Why recruiter need ?

Recruiters are offered the fastest way to hire talent by searching, relevant candidates and free database access along with several filter options in Amlaancom. Our cutting end technology will help with recruitment agencies and headhunters to sort and filter the candidates on the basis their activity, relevance, freshness, special talents and extra-curricular activities. Pick and choose different features like profile views, job postings and many more- all customized to both professional and corporate requirements. Register with and recruitment becomes so easy

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