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Placement Consultants in Ludhiana

Find placement consultants for the best jobs in India. Many companies prefer to employ through consultants and referrals only. This page provides a list of placement agents in chennai. Placement consultants are the major resource to help you find jobs in India. In this section you will find placement consultants with various specialization, i.e., IT job placement consultants, BPO job placement consultant, placement consultants for the service industry, placement consultants serving hotel and tourism industry, etc. These placement agencies help you find suitable jobs in chennai as you seek to build your career in India.

Jobs in Ludhiana

Placement Consultants in Ludhiana

  1. Human Resource Alliance (P) Ltd Contact: 1750 Phase-1,
    Urban Estate Dugri Road,
    Ludhiana (Punjab) India
    Tel : 91-161-502176, 5051767
    Mobile : +91-93167-01767,
    E-Mail :

  2. Sahdev Consultancy Services Address
    B-XXIX-83-6L St.No.8,
    Behind Oswal Agro Complex,
    Near Jain Colony
    Giaspura, Industrrial Area-C
    Ludhiana 141003 India
    Telephone : 91-161-3026073

  3. Canam Consultants Ltd Contanct :
    Mr. T.S. Rattan & Mr. K.D. Singh
    No-30- F Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar,
    Ludhiana Punjab
    Tel: 0161-5024600,5024700
    E mail:

  4. Bharath Facility Management Address
    2 Floor, Sona Complex
    Dholewal, Ludhiana - 147 002,
    Phone: +(91)-(161)-5080963
    Fax: +(91)-(161)-2530234

  5. Global Placement Services,
    Contact: Vikas Verma (BM)
    Ravinder Singh (ABM)
    Noble Enclave,
    2nd Floor
    Opp. Hotel Park Plaza
    Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana
    Fax : 0161-5052341

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