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List of Recent Placement Consultants

S.NO Institution Location
1 Daneen Technovision Suit No. A-102 1st floor, Al-Mustafa Trade Center, Near Madina Masjid, Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
2 Maricela movies and shows coming to netflix december 2018 CO KG Wroclaw
3 Trust Noorulhuda Chennai
4 Repair Laptops Bangalore
5 Dr Abdullha Armagan Istanbul
6 Adpost Kannur
8 Royal Info Service India, West Bengal
9 Perfhomme Nice
10 GuidedMyndz Inc. Chennai
11 For UR Service Mysore
12 Prolific hr consultancy Bangalore
13 Berkowits Delhi
14 TalentFirst HR Consulting Pvt Ltd Bangalore
15 Mivian International Pvt. Ltd. India
16 Msp sponge ltd Raipur
18 Apple Advertising Services Chennai
19 Nutica Herbocare -
20 Signature Graphics -
23 Laurus logistic institute -
24 Conical technology -
25 18 Vijay Nagar, Alwar
26 Sufi Nepal Pvt. Ltd. -
27 Tekshapers Software Solutions Troy
28 Kerala Communications Edathirinji, Thrissur, Kerala
29 Winters Technical Staffing 6 Lansing Square #101, Toronto, M2J 1T5
30 Surana Equity Pvt Ltd ( Job Consultant) Golpark, Side Lane of Anjali Jewellers
31 Avcontacthelp -
32 Abc -
33 Neon Digital Marketing, -
34 Corporate Resources N-6/9 Irc Village , Nayapally, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - 751015, India,Website:
35 Corporate Resources -
36 Core Careers Consultancy Kolkata
37 Core Careers Pvt. Ltd. 169, Rajdanga Main Road, Kolkata - 700107
38 Internet media channel New delhi
39 SPOT IT Solutions Chennai
40 HCL Technologies Mysore
41 Zoho Corporation Trichy
42 Maveric Systems Coimbatore
43 SSS Software Solutions Chennai
44 Sakthi Software Solutions Chennai

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What do we mean by a placement agency ?

A placement agency acts like a bridge between company wishing to recruit and the individual seeking a career move for their future. Placement agencies are responsible for attracting candidates for jobs and matching them to positions with the companies.

Why job seekers need placement agencies ?

Placement agencies have a wide list of companies which need employees and they are aware of the current job market. Job seekers who are actively looking for positions will find good results, when they are looking for jobs from placement agencies. In addition, most placement agencies advertise will position their vacancy regularly in various sectors. If you are searching for jobs ? Please register

Why recruiters need placement agencies ?

One of the best advantages that placement agencies possess is that they can source profiles within minutes of receiving the request. Besides, screening the profiles and saving a lot of time, many placement agencies also offer opportunities where companies get to reviewing their own recruitment process and implement advices offered by placement agencies, who works as a professional full-time recruiters. If you are a recruiter, please register

Why institutions need placement agencies ?

Placement agencies are the best choice for institutions seeking to place their students. Since, placement agencies screen and interview potential candidates all day every day, which means that they are particularly adept at knowing the job market and choose candidates best suited for the position. Joining hands with the placement agencies ensures institutions to place several hundred students to a wide range of jobs available in the market. If you are an institution? Please register

Why placement agencies need ?

Using can be a cost effective and efficient method for any placement agency. With the latest technology, the site offers to save precious time which involves searching through applications from individuals or other sources. Besides, hundreds of resumes, is a very large platform which offers big space for jobseekers, recruiters and institutions to seek their recruitment solutions. If you are a placement agency ? Please register

Placement Consultants

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