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Placement Consultants in Netherlands

This page provides a list of placement agents in Netherlands.We have a list of placement agencies in Netherlands for various kinds of jobs. If you are a job consultant in Netherlands and do not see yourself listed here, please send in your details to enable us to list you as a placement consultant in Netherlands. If you are a job seeker and have any details of a any top job consultant or placement agency in Netherlands please submit those details to us.

Jobs in Netherlands

  1. Name: Sell Form
    Address: Stationsweg 35 Hertogenbosch
    City: The Netherlands
    Telephone No.: 31-73-6126565
    Remarks: The agency offers special services by enabling the candidates and employers to respond on real time basis interactively on its website with respect to vacancies.It is one of the largest agency.

  2. Name: Recruitment Partners
    Address: lange Vijverberg 5 2513 A C den
    City: Haag
    Telephone No.: 31-070-3650916
    Remarks: The agency has general work profile in recruitment in all levels in various job openings.

  3. Name: Van Zoelen Recruitment
    Address: PO Box 147 2040 A C
    City: Zandvoort
    Telephone No.: 31-23-5716944
    Remarks:This agency has special emphasis in recruitment procedures in Information Technology and other areas like Engineering.

  4. Name: Pantapasin International
    Address: Heiman dullaertplein 3 3024 CA0
    City: Rotterdam
    Telephone No.: 31-10-4252520
    Remarks: This agency specialises in provision of workforce for staffing in large corporations in temporary and permanent basis.

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