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Placement Consultants in Greece

This page provides a list of placement agents in Greece.We have a list of placement agencies in Greece for various kinds of jobs. If you are a job consultant in Greece and do not see yourself listed here, please send in your details to enable us to list you as a placement consultant in Greece. If you are a job seeker and have any details of a any top job consultant or placement agency in Greece please submit those details to us.

Jobs in Greece

  1. Name:Horton International
    Address: 35 A Papandreou St. 166 75 Glyfada
    City: Athens
    Telephone No.: 30-210-8985101
    Remarks: The agency has 30 offices over the globe.It has facilities and means for empowering the organisations with most suitable manpower from all over the globe.

  2. Name: Exec Appointments
    City: Athens
    Remarks:This agency provides recruitment facilities all over Europe,UK and aroud globe.It provides recruitment facilities in senior positions and for jobs in non-executive domains like trustees etc.

  3. Name: Stedima Business Consultants
    Address: 130 A Kifissias Ave 115 26
    City: Athens
    Telephone No.: 30-210-6993005
    Remarks: The agency was founded in 1982.With a reputation of its reliable services it happens to be the largest recruitment agency as well.With enlisting of reputed clients and and huge database it functions as the oldest business consultancies in Greece.

  4. Name: Manpower
    Address: Karistou 6 Ampelokipi 115 23
    City: Athens
    Telephone No.: 30-210-6927400
    Remarks: The agency operates in recruitment processes in various levels of the company work force. Being well versed with the intricacies of market scenario and core understanding of the Greek market.

  5. Name: Adecco
    City: Athens
    Remarks: The agency mainly focusses in multi-sector staffing and provides jobs on temporary basis in Athens and in other regions of Greece.

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