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Placement Consultants in Finland

This page provides a list of placement agents in Finland.We have a list of placement agencies in Finland for various kinds of jobs. If you are a job consultant in Finland and do not see yourself listed here, please send in your details to enable us to list you as a placement consultant in Finland. If you are a job seeker and have any details of a any top job consultant or placement agency in Finland please submit those details to us.

Jobs in Finland

  1. Name: Mercury Urval Finland
    Address: Mannerheimintie 15 A 00260
    City: Helsinki
    Telephone No.: 35-020-7420500
    Remarks: This agency operates on an international platform emphasizing on empowering the companies with manpower in top and senior level professionals. Its operability extends in over 22 countries with 80 offices.

  2. Name: Sam International
    Address: Hiirivuorentie 4 B Fin-01690
    City: Vantaa
    Telephone No.: 35-89893839
    Remarks:This agency operates worldwide in whole Europe and rest of the world with focus in serving recruitment facililties in jobs in legal profession.

  3. Name: Step Stone
    Remarks:The Step Stone agency provides employment opportunities across Europe.It has resources for providing manpower for international and pan-European recruitment concerns.

  4. Name : Horton International
    Address: Annankatu 25 5 Fi Finland-00100
    City: Helsinki
    Telephone No.: 35-896829110
    Remarks: The agency has 30 offices over the globe.It has facilities and means for empowering the organisations with most suitable manpower from all over the globe.

  5. Name: Heidrick & Struggles
    Address: Kasarmikatu 46-48B
    City: Helsinki
    Telephone No.: 35-892511250
    Remarks:The agency is a part of Global consulting company with emphasis on placements internationally all over Europe and rest of the world.

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