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Placement Consultants in Dubai

This page provides a list of placement agents in Dubai.We have a list of placement agencies in Dubai for various kinds of jobs. If you are a job consultant in Dubai and do not see yourself listed here, please send in your details to enable us to list you as a placement consultant in Dubai. If you are a job seeker and have any details of a any top job consultant or placement agency in Dubai please submit those details to us.

Jobs in Dubai

List of Placement agencies in Dubai

  1. Name: Jobtrack Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
    Address: P O Box 12995
    City: Dubai
    Telephone No.: 9714-3977751
    FAX: 9714-3966220

  2. Name:JIC Management Consultants
    Address: P O Box 23343
    City: Duba.
    Telephone No.: 9714-42824037
    FAX: 9714-2822685

  3. Name: Dubai Ma Foi Management Consultants
    Address: Bldg No. 8, Office No. 330, Dubai Media City
    City: Dubai
    Telephone No.: 9714-3903150
    FAX: 9714-3908195

  4. Name: Kershaw Leonard
    Address: Suite 425 Emarat Atrium Bldg Sheikh Zayed Road
    City: Dubai
    Telephone No.: 9714-3434606
    FAX: 9714-3438330

  5. Name: ABC Consultants
    Address: 207 Seddiqui Bldg Khalid Bin Walid Road
    City: Dubai
    Telephone No.: 9714-3526168

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