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Placement Consultants in Belgium

This page provides a list of placement agents in Belgium.We have a list of placement agencies in Belgium for various kinds of jobs. If you are a job consultant in Belgium and do not see yourself listed here, please send in your details to enable us to list you as a placement consultant in Belgium. IF you are a job seeker and have any details of a any top job consultant or placement agency in Belgium please submit those details to us.

Jobs in Belgium

  1. Name: Step Stone
    Address: Kunslaan 3-5 Avenue de Arts 1210
    City: Brussles
    Telephone No: 32-2209-9700
    Remarks: This agency deals in all kinds of jobs. It specialises in providing jobs to freshers.

  2. Name:Egosearch S A
    Address: Avenue F Roosevelt 131 B-1050
    City: Brussles
    Telephone No: 32-2663-4420
    Remarks: This agency being the largest recruitment companies in Belgium has its operability nearly over the whole country.It mainly provides jobs of high hierarchical level.

  3. Name: New Monday
    Address: Interleuvenlaan 151 3001
    City: Leuven
    Telephone No: 32-16-352511
    Remarks: This agency operates in placement facility of Information Technology and has recent start up of operations.

  4. Name: Career
    Address: Dekenstraat 2 3000
    City: Leuven
    Telephone No: 32-16-352511
    Remarks: All kinds of managerial jobs are dealt by this agency.IT is mainly focussed in IT domain.

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