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Placement Company Name :SLA Consultants India

Contact Name: Arbind Gaba

Contact Number: 9069663742

E-mail Id:

Join HR Generalist Training Course in Delhi at SLA Consultants India

SLA Consultants India
0  Years Exp

Keyskills : HR Payroll, SAP HR HCM, Advanced Excel, Accounts

Job Description : Becoming an HR is a dream job for every MBA student, however, not everyone is able to secure this highly important job due to lack of skills and knowledge in the field along with required practice. Therefore, one must attend industrial training in HR generalist in order to gain the relevant skills and expertise. SLA Consultants India is an accredited and renowned training institute who offers you best HR training course in Delhi. This training for Aspiring human resource is targeted towards college students and covers various crucial topics including statutory and legal compliances, compensation and benefits, corporate IR And Labour Law compliances, performance management system, recruitment and selection, HR policies and much more. HR generalist training in Delhi provided by SLA will help the participants easily clear any HR interview and perform their responsibilities with ease and comfort. To get more details visit at Advanced HR Generalist Training Course Module 1 - Statutory and Legal Compliances - HR Training by MNC Expert Module 2 - Compensation And Benefits - HR Training by MNC Expert Module 3 - Corporate IR / Labour Law Compliances - HR Training by MNC Expert Module 4 - Performance Management System (Advanced Topic Added) in HR Training Module 5 - Learning and Organizational Development (Advanced Topic Added) Module 6 - HR Policies (New Topic Added) Module 7– HR -Business Partner (Advanced TopicAdded) Module 8 - Employee Relationship Management Workshop Session - HR Training by MNC Expert Module 9 - Recruitment and Selections - HR Talent Acquisition Expert Module 10- Interview Module 11–SAP HCM Module 12 Project Process in SAP HCM implementation Module 13 Reporting Tools OR SAP HCM Report Module 14 Project Preparation (SAP) Module 15 Basics of HR Analytics Module 16 to 19 – HR Psychometric Test Contact Us: SLA Consultants India 82-83, 3rd Floor, Vijay Block, Above Titan Eye Shop, Metro Pillar No. 52, Laxmi Nagar,New Delhi,110092 Call +91-9999491895 / +91-9069663742 E-Mail: Website:

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