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Security Jobs

Job Profile

The security industry is involved in provision of security products and personnel. The products may range from wide range of firms that maintain, install or sell equipment which check any intrusion by camera, lightining etc.
-The security is mainly is concerned in such areas as
-Physical Security-Protectionn of People, Property and facilities
-Information Security- Protecting sensitive information from getting into unauthorised or unwanted hands.
-Personnel Security- Deals with ensuring the integrity and reliability of an organisation's workforce.
-Information Systems Security
-Homeland Security Security from foreign attacks in urban places etc

Types of Jobs

There are various jobs in in mid level and entry level in security in various domains such as:-
- Banking and Financial Services Security
- Property and Real Estate Security
- Government and Industrial Security
- Health services Security
- Information Systems Security
- Investigation Job
- Manufacturing and transport Security Jobs
The job may include technical expertise, management, and physical supervision etc for related security concerns.

Career scope of in Security Jobs

Many universities and college offer certifications, degrees in Security. This has recently emerged more of a important job and has immense career growth. Because of intense security concern in every industry, organisation and set up more jobs are coming up in this field.

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