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Jobs in Germany

Germany is a highly developed country having rich growth in employment in recent years.Having latest technology in hand it exports in technical products of high calibre.Most of products are in engineering,like automobiles,machinery,metals and chemical goods.

It also takes lead in production of wind turbines and solar power technology.The country emphasizes in renewable source of energy.There are abundant job openings in IT, mechanical engineering, research.Lot of service jobs are there in service sectors.This has lead to scope of jobs in accounts, managerial jobs,administration, research,and teaching etc.

Some of the famous brand names like mercedes,BMW Audi are from here.Hamburg Harbour is second largest port city in Europe,thus there are lot of jobs in trading,transportation.As the country has extensive rail network of speed trains and thus a huge transportation network. Job opportunities are increasing due to further rapid growth.

European citizen do not need to have work permit.Non Europeans do need a work permit and lot of people are benefitting from vast scope of job from all over the world.

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