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Jobs in France

France is among the most developed countries of the world.As the steady growth of employment opportunities grow there are more than 400,000 jobs annually since few years.

As the place attracts lot of tourists it has lot of jobs relating to tourism like in hospitality, catering,hotel managerial jobs.Also perfumery cosmetics and beauty related jobs are plenty. France has high technology there are great number of jobs in technology sector like IT, computers, electronics and other other manufacturing industries of IT products. France also has reputation for high aviation technology.

There are lot of jobs in mechnical engineering in various industrial sectors. Exports include Chemicals, machinery,transportation equipments, plastics,steel and iron, pharmaceutical products perfume crude oil so there are diverse job opportunities in all sectors of various hierarchical sectors.

As agricultural sector too contributes to the export in such fields such as beef,fish dairy etc hence lot of jobs are in agricultural sectors too besides research, teaching and still lot more which can be seen here.

As french is prior language knowledge of french helps a lot in employement opportunity.

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