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Food and Hospitality Jobs

Job Profile

Hospitality jobs have lot of vacancies. The job profile suits those who have bend towards service and catering. The job requires in providing services to the clients in catering residence.

Types of Jobs

The hotels and restaurants have lot of scope in hospitality jobs and include a wide range of work profile to choose from. Like food service, hotel management, staff management etc.

Career Scope of in Hospitality Jobs

Career scope in Hosptality Jobs is rewarding as there is upward trend of employment in this sector. Many students opt of catering courses with degrees. They have a steady growth and the job is rewarding with various prospects for career enhancement as they progress with experience.

Procurement Officer - Chennai

Stephen Harper Firm

1 to 10  Years Exp

Keyskills : Attention to detail, critical reasoning

Job Description : Estimate and establish cost parameters and budgets for purchases Create and maintain good relationships with vendors/suppliers Make professional decisions in a fast-paced environment Maintain records of purchases, pricing, and other important data Review and analyze all vendors/suppliers, supply, and price options Develop plans for purchasing equipment, services, and supplies Negotiate the best deal for pricing and supply contracts Ensure that the products and supplies are high quality Maintain and update list of suppliers and their qualifications, delivery times, and potential future development Work with team members and Procurement Manager to complete duties as needed

Posted date: Mar 20,2019

Store Keeper - Chennai

Stephen Harper Firm

2 to 10  Years Exp

Keyskills : Attention to detail, critical reasoning

Job Description : Maintain receipts, records, and withdrawals of the stockroom Receive, unload, and shelve supplies Perform other stock-related duties, including returning, packing, pricing, and labeling supplies Inspect deliveries for damage or discrepancies; report those to accounting for reimbursements and record keeping Rotate stock and coordinate the disposal of surpluses Ensure adequate record keeping and manage all documentation to confirm proper stock levels and maintain inventory control Coordinate the handling of freight, the movement of equipment, and necessary minor repairs

Posted date: Mar 20,2019

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