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Arts and Media Jobs

Job Profile

Art can be anything which is connotation of beauty and elegance. Media too is immensely involved in its portrayal,hence it too is an art in itself.

Types of Jobs

Media, Art, Design have much commonality and sometimes can be used at behest of each other There are lot of job openings in fine arts, interior decoration, ergonomics, lightining, acoustics in studios and much more. Use of it in advertising and or for its being business itself has created lot of job scope for people having flair towards it.

Career scope of in Art Media and Design Jobs

There is lot of scope if the person is innovative with new ideas and concepts. He should have the knack of presentation of his work in a n appealing manner. The person can earn and eventually can start lending services to reputed clients with his own venture. Lot of bodies promote art and has good prospects for making money as well as fame.

Python developer - Chennai


2 to 4  Years Exp

Keyskills : java

Job Description :

Build your employer brand Add connections to team members and investors. Share new products and company news. Candidates use these data points to evaluate your startup before applying or responding.

Posted date: Sep 16,2020

Graphics Designer - Chennai


2 to  Years Exp

Keyskills : Basics In CDR N Photoshop

Job Description : FOr designing logos and artwork for writeups salary 8k to 12k

Posted date: May 24,2016

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