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How To Give Best Interview

So many articles have been written on how to give interviews. With so many do's and don'ts many feel like running about in circles still without a clear picture. True, all articles are very helpful but the point is that how much help YOU can derive out of them.

The basic idea which we emphasize in is to be at your natural self. Yes, your style is the best style. No particular handshake or dress or posture is specifically correct except that which is with positive attitude and genuineness.

Since action and thoughts are inter-related all we need to do is to adopt positive behavior or streamline it. The most important thing is dressing because that is what can be more specifically outlined for interview and can be adopted straightaway. Behavior needs to be modified with time and any superficiality depicts hypocrisy and does not impress.


Neatness is the bottom-line. Nothing should be taken for granted. Shoes reveal a lot of ones attitude. Well combed hair, ironed clothes, clipped fingernails all mean a lot. Obviously you will not think of wearing the same type of dress what you might have worn in picnic or trekking. We all know what formal and informal dressing is.

Still due to variations in customs and traditions it's helpful to dress in accordance to universal norms. Universal norms for formal dressing are outline for convenience.

Dressing for Men:

  • Well combed and short hair.
  • Jewelry should be avoided.
  • Shirt should be of light color with darker shade of trousers.
  • Shoes should be dark and sober.
  • Avoid perfume but at the same time should look fresh.

Dressing for Women

  • Women should wear simple business suit or light colored full sleeved dress.
  • Preferably no jewelry should be worn. Other wise it should be minimal.
  • Hair should be tied up and shoes should not be too fancy.
  • Perfume should be avoided.

The candidate should come with required documents and should have a pen or note pad.


This too is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration.Posture should suggest your interest. If a candidate is really interested in the job he or she will not be in slack posture but will be sit properly ,have positive posture, well be attentive and confident.

That is one should avoid crossing legs and arms which represents defiance. Should be humble at the same time should be confident and specify his achievements which will strengthen his case. His or she should be focused, be to the point and speak with necessity.

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