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What is a science internship ?

A science internship is a great way to gain good notch experience in a professional setting for science graduates. Because, science today is rapidly changing with many discoveries. An internship in a perfect work environment will develop your professional skills, awareness and ability. Some companies also offer internship for research and other important tasks.

Internship Available in Science

What kinds of internships are offered ?

A natural science major like biology, physics, chemistry, electronics, psychology offers a great opportunity to learn about the sciences while also developing your skills. But still many students wonder how to choose, but internship helps to discovering career paths related to their major. Since the field itself is wide, an internship is one of the best ways to explore potential roles while gaining hands-on experience. Here are some of the most common internships for natural sciences majors.

Research internship

Research internships are the best way to get increased exposure to the natural sciences field, especially if you are interested about research or if you’re considering pursuing an advanced degree. You can work as a research assistant in a research companies, pharmaceutical, university lab. Such kinds of internship will offer the opportunity to assist with research while also learning about the functional and the technicalities involved.

Education internship

An education internship helps to launch your career as a teacher. Apart taking classes on small subject or topics, you will also be working on other areas of the educational institution, like administration, event organizing, data updating. Some educational technology companies also offer educational internship opportunities, where internship, will be like producing content or helping to design an educational curriculum.

Environmental science internship

Environmental science internships offer a step towards launching a career in environmental science. You could be working in environment welfare organisations like NGO or government aided environment agencies. The work areas could be creation of initiatives focused on environmental protection, this type of internship will help you learn more about the environment and one can really make an impact.

From exploring the world through environment or working in a lab, a natural science internship is a wonderful opportunity to find out what you’re passionate about and to develop the skills you need to succeed in your chosen field.

How to choose a company for science internship ?

After gathering a list of companies that meet your criteria, you must research about companies – history, reputation, employees and size. If you are unable to find about the work environment for your senior or former employees, look at current employees of the company by searching on LinkedIn - what are their backgrounds. You must also check about the universities did they attend to get a clear picture. This will help to decide to choose which company to apply for internship.

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