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Why media internship is very important ?

Media includes all kinds of broadcasting and news medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards and internet. Nowadays it also includes social media mediums like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. Every communications media course demands practical session in its curriculum as part of the graduation requirements. That is the reason, why most of the media courses offered by educational institutions have made internship compulsory.

Internship Available in Media

What are the kinds of media internship offered ?

Communication is the primary skill for any media intern. Since there are a variety of departments in media organisation, with their ability to communicate effectively in almost any situation, the intern must analyse the department and their skill in order to find a job that’s a good fit for them. Here are some of the best internships for communications majors:

Broadcast internship

A broadcast internship is a field opportunity to learn the ins and out of TV, newspaper or radio station. It includes shadowing reporters or photographer for researching, checking, researching and assisting with different aspects news making or production. It will give the exposure to the whole world of broadcasting. Best of all, internship experience in broadcasting is considered fundamental and valued when it comes to applying for full-time jobs after graduation.

Social media internship

As a social media intern, you will assigned to help the social media manager of a company. Learning the nuances of digital marketing will be a primary goal of any social media intern. Some of the tasks include, work with the on-site Social Media Manager to create and impactful campaigns, develop content calendars on a weekly and monthly basis for company brands, monitor analytics with the social media team to identify viable ideas. Some companies also allow interns to create an engaging blog and social media content, assist in the general distribution of press releases and media alerts and also provide support to their marketing team at live and online events.

Copywriting Internship

As a copywriter or content intern, you’ll be trained in gathering information, analyzing, researching, drafting and editing copy for all types of contents. It includes advertisements, blog posts, news articles and email campaigns. As an internship, you will learn to enhance or match your writing style to a specific brand. Sometimes it could help to sharpen your copywriting skills. This internship is the best opportunity to get to know about a full-time copywriter or content writer.

Technical Internship

Since most of the media companies operation in many mediums, technical internships vary according to the platforms they operate. Internships in sound editing, video editing, video camera operations, archive department, printing department, production department, costume department are always available.

Some of the other internships include marketing intern, public relation intern, network programming intern.

How to choose a good media company for internship ?

Television, print publishing, radio broadcasting, music, and film all have their own business and management. So choose the category, you are planning to work with. After gathering a list of companies in your sector choose your company. Study what kind of content or stories is produced, is relevant to its targeted audience ? Is the content original ? How a story is produced ? How the internal teams are assembled ? If you are confused please ask the college seniors or friends for guidance.

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