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An internship is a vital component of any streams of MBA. It tries to offer a practical understanding of the management and operational aspects of business. Not just Business school, even many online or executive MBA courses offered by management institutes have made internship mandatory.

What is an MBA Internship ?

MBA internships are crucial part of the degree course, since it will play a vital role for students in landing their first full time job. Besides, many companies are not just looking for interns, but for potential full-time employment since the MBA internship give an opportunity to view of the functioning of the management.

Internship Available in MBA

What types of MBA internships are offered ?

MBA programmes offer a long-term view of management and other important part of the business domain. It prepares the students for long and fulfilling careers. Here is a list of some important MBA programme and its internship.

MBA Marketing - The MBA Marketing degree aims in polishing skills in marketing, it trains managers to be competent enough to target consumer trends, market strategies, market research and product management in many different industries. If you are interested in marketing and the passion for communication, marketing is the best option.

MBA Finance - MBA in Finance is often considered as one of the most sought-after specialization. It offers exciting careers in banks, financial institutions and financial consultancies. If you have a crucial problem solving skills with passion for finance management, finance is a good option.

MBA HR - Human Resource Management is often a two year post graduation degree program which deals with the management of employees in a company. You are interested in managing the people, good communication and enrich the working environment of the organization, Human Resource Management is a good choice.

Apart from these there are other specializations like International Business, Rural Management, Enterpreneurship, Consulting, Operations Management.

How to choose a company for MBA internship ?

Regardless of the pay for an internship and stream of the MBA, you must focus on what you will get hands on or true-to-life, experience you will be able to gain. Be open to opportunities, but look primarily for internships that will give you experience in your chosen career. If you have confusion, seek advice from speakers, alumni, and professors in the field. Stay in contact with colleagues from previous jobs who might help you for an internship or a job. When you get a big company, working in a big brand could give a boost, but there could be problems due to competition or you could be forced to work in only one department. But you choose a small company, you can get a lot of exposure, but the company lacks brand value. If you have a chosen a company but still have doubts, speak to students who have already completed their internships in your desired field, and ask them for guidance.

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