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Why internship is important ?

An internship whether it is a summer internship or common internship, enables a fresher to gain first-hand exposure of the real working environment. It offers scope for the students to harness the skill, talent gained in theoretical practice to play in practical work conditions. One of the greatest advantages of an internship is that it teaches young professionals about the specific sector or the industries they are passionate about. The student should realize that even the experience of experimenting new is extremely beneficial and enriching. Doing an internship offers fresher to meet new people in a more controlled and stable environment.

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What are the different types of internships ?

Summer Internship:

Summer internships are usually six to eight weeks long (April-May). Many students do internships during the summer than any other time of the year. These, short term experiences offer insight into the working of a particular job. This period provides ample time to get into a regular work routine and gain valuable knowledge and skills. Summer internships are also used for credit.

Industry based Internship :

Internship programs are also classified by industry, it is usually based on the educational course taken by the student. While there are obviously hundreds of subjects, some of the most common include hospital internship, publishing internship etc

Social service internship:

Many NGOs and social service organisation also offer internships. These are not just helpful for social science graduates to learn about the society and social environment, but also be aware of the people and their problems.

What are different types of industry based internships ?

Since there are many fields and educational courses for industries, internship is also based on different sectors.

Medical internships: M.B.B.S, B.A.M.S, B.S.M.S, B.H.M.S and all medical graduations and diplomas.

Hospital internships: B.Sc (Nursing), M.Sc (Nursing)

Hospitality internships : B.Sc (Hotel Management), M.Sc.(Hotel Management), MBA (Tourism and Hospitality) and hotel management diplomas.

Finance (Accounting) internships: B.Com, M.Com

Lab internships: Graduates and diploma of natural science majors like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Bio Chemistry etc.

Statistics internships: B.Sc (Statistics), M.Sc (Statistics)

Entertainment industry internships: Graduates and diploma holders in the subject of electronic media, sound and video editing

Legal internships: B.L, M.L, LLB

Marine internships: B.E(Marine Engineering), and all diplomas offered in marine engineering

Mechanical internships: B.E(Mechanical), D.M.E (Diploma Mechanical Engineering)

Studio internship: Graduates and diploma holders in the subject of electronic media, sound and video editing

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