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What is humanities internship ?

Internship in the humanities will offer students the opportunity to earn credit and value towards their degrees while gaining valuable on-the-job experience. Since arts and Humanities include the various disciplines of ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, visual and performing arts, practical experience adds more value to the graduation course.

Internships Available in Humanities

What kinds of internships are offered ?

Arts and humanities covers a huge range of subjects like literature, performing arts, fine arts, archaeology, anthropology, languages, linguistics, philosophy, social science subjects, accountancy etc. An internship offers a great opportunity to learn about these subjects, but the internship differs according to the organisation and type of business. Here are some of the most common internships in arts and humanities.

Research internship

Research internships are the best way to get increased exposure to the students interested in the research aspects of the subject he or she is graduating. Besides, student interest in pursuing an advanced degree can also go for research internship. You can work as a research assistant in an archaeological department, university. Such kinds of internship will offer the opportunity to help with the ongoing research

Education internship

An education internship helps to launch your career as a teacher. Most of the students in the subjects like English, Mathematics, Social science pursue such internship. Apart taking classes on small subject or topics, you will also be working on other areas of the educational institution, like administration or event organizing. Some educational institutes or tech companies offer educational internship opportunities where the primary task will be designing a subject curriculum.

General Internship

Since, arts and humanities cover enormous subjects, general internships are offered according to the company and its business. For example, an advertising firm might take fine arts graduate for internship in various departments like creative department, design department etc. An audit firm could offer internship for graduate in accountancy.

How to choose a company for arts and humanities internship?

The first step for any graduate is to collect information about the company/ organisation and its business. After gathering a list, you must clear that the primary objective for internships is that it offers you experience in your chosen career. If you are unable to find about the company seek advice from your seniors. This will help you to decide to choose which company to apply for internship.

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