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What is a design internship ?

Design is thinking made visible. A career in design starts with internship. Students with a passion of creativity often use design internship as a medium, which will help to convert themselves as a professional. Since, creativity and designing are mostly practical, getting engaged in creative or designing organisation give direct exposure give great insight.

Internship Available in Design

What are the kinds of internships in design ?

A good internship in a right working environment, offers some of the best opportunities to grow upfront. Here are some of the common internship programmes: Graphic design internship

A graphic design internship offers the opportunities to learn in a variety of sectors like magazine or book department, web department, video department etc. As a field dedicated to communicate ideas visually, you will be made to assist a senior employee or junior staff of a department in creating a design using software tools. During your internship, you’ll learn how to turn creative processes into commercial or practical ones in a fast paced manner.

UX design internship

The UX in UX design means user experience, and UX design internship focuses on this section. During the internship, you’ll be learning the procedures and tasks, ensuring that the user experience of a particular website is as clear and smooth. As an intern, you’ll learn how to create responsive website, mobile application, digital product designs. You can be aware that how much skill and knowledge goes into every step of the design process.

Interior design internship

An interior design internship will familiarize you with the various talents and technicalities that form an interior design. It could include sketching, note-taking, scheduling appointment, organizing and coordinating materials, purchasing materials, visiting vendors and answering emails. It’s an experience that will help you decide if you have the passion and skills required to make a full time career as an interior designer.

Fashion design internship

A fashion design internship gives big picture about the behind-the-scenes look into the world of fashion. It includes source materials, sketching the designs, cutting fabric to planning model fittings. Besides, it will show the world of designing and manufacturing clothes. Whether you’re working for a small fashion store or a large fashion house, this experience will build your skills.

How to choose a company for design internship?

While hunting for the internship, finding the right one for design internship is quite a feat. The size of the company and its employees cannot be used the primary criteria to select the company, and what matters is the kind of work or projects undertaken. Besides, the work you have done will speak for you, since gaining the right experience in designing industry will define who you are and what drives you. If you are confused seek advice from college seniors.

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