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Whether you’re studying computer engineering or mechanical engineering, either you’ve just graduated or not, gaining some practical experience could be the best way to move ahead.

What is an engineering internship?

An engineering internship is the best or the practical way of offering a short term work experience for those looking to start a career in the engineering sector. Since engineering internship combine theoretical knowledge with practical work skills, it offers future engineers an opportunity to work on real-time projects, learn more about the work environment and industry. It helps to develop the essential skills needed for growing whether it is a mechanical engineering internship or civil engineering internship.

Internship Available in Bachelor of Engineering

What types of engineering internships are offered ?

Engineering is a wide and broad field; it contains a range of sectors. Here is a list of some important engineering fields :

Industrial Engineering – Industrial Engineers use brilliant problem solving skills. They put their mind to reduce or solve production issues using the logic and analytical skills. If you’re a critical planner and thinker, with a knack for identifying problems and offering solutions, industrial engineering is the best option.

Civil Engineering – Civil Engineers design, build and maintain structures like residential houses, commercial establishments, roads, bridges and pipelines. If you’re interested in creating things that make life better with the passion to build things, civil engineering could be for you.

Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Engineers create, develop, maintain, design and develop machinery, products, and components of different sizes. This task can work within manufacturing, power, construction. If you’re interested mechanics you should choose mechanical engineering.

Electrical Engineering – Electrical Engineers are in charge of designing, developing electrical components and creating electrical control systems or products. If you’re interested in electrical machinery, you’ll probably choose electrical engineering.

Computer Engineering - Computer Engineering has two main aspects software and hardware, which in turn is branching out into many layers. Computer Hardware is good for students who are interested in physical components or the electrical engineering aspect of computers. Full-fledged computer software development is good for students who are programming and application. There are a number of sectors, data mining, web development, Java programming, information security etc.

Apart from these there are engineering sectors like aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering textile engineering and chemical engineering.

How to choose a company for internship ?

In engineering internships, there are some which are best paid and others are not. While searching for the company choices, after deciding on the branch of engineering make sure you find out what kind of structure is created for an internship in the company. This is important since such programmes have a list of learning objectives, expectations, responsibilities, and the evaluation process. One must make enquiries before joining as an intern. But, many smaller companies don’t have intern structure, this doesn’t necessarily provide a bad experience for freshers. While some offer extensive training others don’t. If the company has an official intern program in place, it is a good sign. When deciding whether to intern at a large company or medium size company, interns always face a dilemma. A big company has good name brand recognition and may offer you an opportunity to work with more experienced seniors or product experts. The work environment at larger companies, but it can very challenging as your communication skills will be put to test while interacting the senior or higher-level officer. So, a small company could be an ideal choice where you can gain more hands on experience, but they have visibility in the larger market or brand recognition. Apart from the experience, it is very important to how well you perform that counts. Be punctual, dress professionally, accept the assignment and complete it on time. You must also meet with your immediate supervisor or manager to set some goals for your experience, and always do your best work.

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