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S.NO Institution Location
1 Dailyonlinejobs New York
2 rishi1123 Surat
4 ma web technologies New Delhi
5 Rawat PG Girls College Jaipur
6 Vels University Chennai
8 Agni Institute Chennai
9 Crypto Formosa
10 College of Technology Chennai

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What do we mean by institution ?

Educational Institutions are pillars of the society. Offering a large variety of learning environments, they create a well-rounded individual who is strong and creative. Educational institutions can be a school, training institute, college or university. With a primary aim to impart knowledge and skills and prepare people for the real working environment, institutions stand tall among all sections of the society.

Why recruiters need institutions ?

A fresh mind keeps the body and mind clear and freshers are the soul of any company. They are the ones who are more aware of the latest technologies used in the market. Freshers can moulded to the work and adapted to the work environment than experienced. Besides, their seriousness towards work, they offer a new perspective to work. And the best place to get them is institutions. If you are a recruiter, please register

Why placement agencies need institutions ?

The new professionals and freshers are the leaders of tomorrow. More than 40 million students and recent graduates are coming out every year in various fields like engineering arts, science. A smart placement agency is aware that companies employing with freshers early will secure their position in the company. So the best way, source all kinds of freshers are from the institutions. If you are a placement agency ? Please register

Why institutions need ?

Every year, thousands of graduates moving out in black caps, gowns ; Providing career opportunities enhances an institution’s reputation. Besides, many students feel that institutions must offer placement facilities besides training. Institutions benefit from more satisfied students which creates strong brand value for them. offers the best and swiftest way to choose vacancies from recruiters/companies, placement agencies for institutions to place their students. If you are an institution, please register

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