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Employment Management System – EMS

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Still using physical records for assessing employees’ performance?

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Why companies need Employment Management System (EMS)?

EMS system allows companies to achieve operational efficiency. It helps to monitor the important tasks on a daily basis across an organization and freeing up staff to focus their efforts on more critical initiatives which require personal attention. EMS offers the opportunity to get the actual and real-time data about the daily operations of employees helping to prepare an error free payroll process.

Why you should buy ‘Concern Infotech – EMS’ ?

A Employment Management System is an intelligent software system developed by Concern Infotech Pvt Limited, which tracks the performance of the project and attendance on a daily basis. For most of the time, manual tracking could cause mistakes, and one small mistake can lead to an employee receiving a wrong salary amount or wrong assessment. Having a consolidated process is of utmost importance, because performance mistakes or financial blunders can turn out to be really costly for a company. And, EMS is a wonderful system that not only saves on operational cost, but also reduces administrative expenses of the company.

Technology has made life very convenient and streamlined. We now should make use of the computer systems that can practically run monitor company’s operations. So EMS is the best choice.


Key Features of EMS

  • Perfect Attendance Management
  • Tracking the flow of projects
  • Allocation of work and projects
  • Analyze the employees’ efficiency
  • Send individual messages
  • Create team for projects
  • Strong user interface
  • Flexible approach User module
  • Attendance machine integration for salary generation
  • Weekly review reports
  • No hidden cost
  • Customized reports as per customer requirements
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